When you first walk into the auto repair shop at Best Man Auto in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia,  you will find a mechanic named Zahed Haftlang. At a first impression you will just think that Zahed is a very nice and knowledgeable mechanic, he is very charismatic and warm person. He is very honest and works very hard to get his job done the very best that he can possible can. He is very quiet and peaceful man and sometimes he will talk about his past life in Iran.

The farthest thought in your mind of him would be that he is a survivor of war, that he joined the army at age 13, that he has shot many bullets aimed at many people, that is was kept prisoner and tortured for over 2 years in a prison camp, that he survived the worse imaginable nightmare, that he lost many loved ones, that he almost lost himself to deep depression, and that he is walking among us today because of miracle that happened over 20 years ago.

Every man and woman has a story to tell; Zahed has one of most incredible life stories that you only read on history books and that you see in blockbuster movies.

Follow Zahed through his life story, a journey into one child’s life at war, survived to turn into the man he is today.